My Crazy Beautiful Life

Hi, just a bit about me and my crazy but beautiful life with seven children.

My husband (Joe) and I have seven little Australians (actually they’re half kiwi) ranging in age from 18 down to 1. Isabelle is 18 and about to sit her HSC and get her Driver’s Licence. Peter is in year 11, about to start year 12 and get his L’s. Brendan is in year 8, choosing electives for the first time. Claire is in year 6, getting excited about starting high school next year. Veronica is in year 4 and part of an initiative where all her year group have an ipad they have to look after. Elena is 3 and loves to experiment, swim and make huge amounts of mess. Brigitte is 1 and teething, and learning to walk.

My husband is currently juggling work, looking after us and building a pizza oven from scratch in our backyard. The pressure’s on because he wants it finished in time for his 50th birthday party in September. I decided to study, possibly a little crazy in light of the above but, since I’m hoping to return to paid work in a couple of years, I thought I’d like to retrain rather than just go back as an English/History teacher.

We live in the outskirts of Sydney in the Hawkesbury, a beautiful part of the world, on five acres in a big house which we’re currently sharing with another family who have six children but only five at home and are between houses. We also have ten chickens, a cow and calf, a couple of cats, and a dog. Life is crazy but beautiful, though sometimes I forget the beautiful part and just think we’re crazy.



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