Christian Teenage Fiction

As a Christian mum, a once English Teacher and a trainee Teacher Librarian, I am always looking for the best books for children and teenagers. What I mean by the “best books” are books that inspire, encourage, affirm who they are, that have a Christian worldview or at least one not at odds with it, that are enjoyable to read, that children and teenagers can relate to, that might make them think or examine their own lives, that they can love to read again and pass on to others.

Below is a list of Christian fiction relevant to the pre-teen, teenage and young adult market. Some may also be suitable for adults (I’d probably read them, anyway!). Some I have read and some I have not but might have read others by the same author. Some have good reviews and some just look interesting and might be worth checking out further. Hope it provides some ideas for encouraging our kids to read Christian fiction as well as the more mainstream books that either school requires or are popular right now.

Popular contemporary Christian female authors  include Melody Carlson, Robin Jones Gunn, Francine Rivers, Melanie Dickerson, Krista Mcgee, Jenny B Jones, Rebecca St James, Nancy Rue, Heather Burch, Lisa Tawn Bergren, Jill Williamson, Sarah Anne Sumpolec, Beverly Lewis, Erynn Mangum, Shelley Adina, Wendy Lawton, Kathy Lee, Nicole O’dell, Shannon Dittemore and Jacquelin Thomas.

Popular contemporary Christian male authors include Bryan Davis, Chuck Black, Frank Piretti, Bill Myers, Robert Treskillard, Jon S Lewis, Paul Mccusker, Gilbert Morris, Ted Dekker, Jerry Jenkins, John Perrodin, Wayne Thomas Batson, Robert Liparulo, D Barkley Briggs, Scott Appleton, Buzz Dixon, Tim Lahaye, Sigmund Brouwer and Homer Hickam.

Below are a number of great links to Pinterest sites (including my own), Christian teenage book and other media reviews, and various author’s official websites.

Pinterest sites

Christian Book Review sites  (an Australian teenaged homeschooler who reviews books)  (a great site that reviews books, movies, videos, music, games, etc. from a Christian perspective)


Author sites

Bryan Davis –

Ted Dekker –

Robert Liparulo –

Frank Peretti –

Robert Treskillard –

Wayne Thomas Batson –

Melody Carlson –

Francine Rivers –

Melanie Dickerson –

Robin Jones Gunn –

Krista Mcgee –

Jenny B Jones –

Jill Williamson –




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